Champion's Vision: A Basketball Player’s Before The Game Preparation Guide- Paperback

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Precise basketball mental preparation is the key to having a stellar on-court performance during the basketball game.

Do you have a unique before the game routine? Do you have day before the game or pre-game jitters? Do you find it hard to focus during half time or at the end of a game?

This basketball player's mental map leads you through before game preparation and helps you:

*Avoid the pregame mistakes that lead to poor in-game performances.
*Visualize your ideal self as a basketball player and plan your game day approach.
*Discover 5 suggested strategies to use as preparation the day before a game.
*Minimize in-game distractions by narrowing your focus.
*Know the little secrets that smart basketball players use

Champion's Vision is the motivating and effective before the basketball game strategy an individual needs to succeed. It's the basketball pregame guide that leads your great practice performances to a game day reality.

Listen to the audiobook or read your favorite part of the book before you play the game. If you have time at half time, listen to or read it again. Do this before every game as part of your pre-game routine.

David Smith is an entrepreneur, author, and college instructor. He is the founder of the product B180 Basketball Fundamental Skills Program. Smith is the author of Answers to the Struggles of Life, Champion's Vision, and Sports Entrepreneur. He is a talented writer and thinker that inspires individuals from all walks of life.