Sports Entrepreneur: A Guide to Bring Your Sports Product or Service Business Idea to Life- Paperback

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Create your Sports Product or Service Business Idea, Protect It, and Bring it to Life!

Sports Entrepreneur is your guide to developing practical skills to: create your business idea, protect your business, build a business team, secure business funding and more. Learning these skills is a necessary addition to any education, training, or internship.


Creating your own sports business is the key to opening the door to the American Dream. Sports Entrepreneur is the ultimate guide for anyone who has dreams of owning their own business.

Read each chapter with an open, creative, and outside of the box thought process. Refer to the
chapter that closely matches the stage you are in as you attempt to bring your product or service
business to life. Write down business ideas as you read along. Highlight, underline, and circle
comments or sections that stand out to you. Success will follow!

David Smith is an entrepreneur, author, and college instructor. He is the founder of the product B180 Basketball Fundamental Skills Program. Smith is the author of Answers to the Struggles of Life, Champion's Vision, and Sports Entrepreneur. He is a talented writer and speaker that inspires individuals from all walks of life.