Core Values

  • Heart and Determination
  • Creativity
  • Giving
  • Change and Inspire
  • Family
  • Make it Happen Today
  • High Quality Character


To transform lives and draw from within another their best.


Founding of B180 Basketball, Inc:

B180 Basketball, Inc was founded in 2014 to address a need for improving sport athletes basketball fundamental skills, fitness, and overall interest in reading.  The company sells the #1 basketball skills training program in the world.


B180 Meaning:

  • Giving My Best And It Comes From Within
  • Improving The Whole Person: Body (Fitness Level), Brain (Intellect), Belief (Confidence), Ball (Personal Success In Sports), Best (Personal Best)


B180 Basketball

Sporting goods stores offers and delivers to its customers the following: sports apparel, sports equipment, sports training products, books, and sports gifts. Find out more at www.b180basketball.com



Sport and fitness facilities offers its customers a quality and complete workout experience. Find out more at www.b180.com


The company is located in the Great Lakes Bay Area of Michigan.