B180 Student Athlete Success Package

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B180 Basketball, Inc

Student Athlete Success Package

Develop Personal Success for Student Athletes!

The B180 Student Athlete Success Package is designed for Athletic Academic Services Departments of high schools, colleges, and universities.  The B180 Student Athlete Success Package nurtures and supports the growth of student athletes whether they are entering college for the first time or graduating and entering the workforce.  This book package supplements any student athlete personal develop plan that is currently offered by the athletic department.

The Package Includes Books On:

Personal Development and Mental Health

20 copies: Black Athlete White Athlete: Mental Strength: Winning The Battle That Others Don't See Now And In The Future-paperback

Off-Season and In-Season Preparation 

20 copies: Champion's Vision: A Basketball Player's Before The Game Preparation Guide-paperback

Health, Wellness, and Longevity

20 copies: Basketball Diet: Winning Eating Habits For Basketball Games And Life-paperback

Career Exploration and Development

20 copies: Sports Entrepreneur: A Guide to Bring Your Sports Product or Service Business Idea to Life-paperback


Life Skills

20 copies: Answers To The Struggles Of Life: A Life Skills Book For Youths and Student Athletes.