About B180 Basketball Sporting Goods Stores

Core Values

Heart and Determination

At B180 Basketball, we focus on sharing our passion for sports with our customers by providing quality products. We strive to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.


B180 Basketball is committed to being competitive and it's best. We at B180 Basketball embrace creativity to win in the marketplace.


B180 Basketball strives to build a better future in society. We are committed to strengthening the communities we serve online and in-person by giving.

Change and Inspire

B180 Basketball strives to bring out the best in all individuals. Creativity, thinking, and innovation makes us better at serving our customers.


B180 Basketball’s vision is based on integrity, giving, and family. Committment to the foundational vision helps to strengthen the communities that we serve online and in-person.

Make it Happen Today

B180 Basketball values success that's earned daily. This is met by providing quality products that promote improving the whole person which includes: Body (Fitness Level), Brain (Intellect), Belief (Confidence), Ball (Personal Success In Sports), Best (Personal Best).

High Quality Character

B180 Basketball strives to provide excellent service to its customers that never changes.



    To transform lives and draw from within another their best.



    To develop the person within all athletes that are living in the world.


    Founding of B180 Basketball, Inc:

    B180 Basketball, Inc was founded in 2014 to address a need for improving sport athletes basketball fundamental skills, fitness, and overall interest in reading. B180 Basketball began offering sporting goods, training aids, books, and sports apparel in 2015. The company sells the #1 basketball skills training program in the world.


    B180 Meaning:

    • Giving My Best And It Comes From Within

    • Improving The Whole Person: Body (Fitness Level), Brain (Intellect), Belief (Confidence), Ball (Personal Success In Sports), Best (Personal Best)


    B180 Basketball

    Sporting goods stores offers and delivers to its customers the following: sports apparel, sports equipment, sports training products, books, and sports gifts. B180 Basketball is the #1 authentic personal development resource store for athletes.  Find out more at www.b180basketball.com


    B180 Basketball Sporting Goods Stores vs All Other Sporting Goods Stores or All Other Sports Apparel Companies

    B180 Basketball Sporting Goods Stores offer their customers:

    • B180 Sportswear Apparel

    • B180 Scoop Finish Apparel

    • B180 Game Changer Cut Back Apparel

    • B180 Teamwork and Togetherness Apparel

    • Sports Gifts

    • Authentic African Heritage Sportswear Apparel

    • Authentic African Heritage Clothes

    • Authentic African Heritage Sports Gifts

    • Sports Training Products

    • Books

    • Personal Development Resources for Athletes

    • Personal Development Courses for Athletes

    All Other Sporting Goods Stores or All Other Sports Apparel Companies offer their customers:

    • Sporting Goods

    • High Costs Sports Apparel

    • Low Costs Sports Apparel

    • Sports Training Products

    • Sports Equipment

    • Fishing or Hunting Equipment



    Sport and fitness facilities offers its customers a quality and complete workout experience. Find out more at www.b180.com


    The company is located in the Great Lakes Bay Area of Michigan.