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David Carl Smith Jr. (Born 1976 aka: Love) is an American Businessman, Thinker, and Philanthropist. He is best known as the founder of B180 Basketball, Inc. 


Early Years

David Smith grew up in Saginaw, Michigan on the east side attending Jessie Loomis Elementary School. As the second child born and the eldest boy, Smith was raised by both his parents; the late David Carl Smith Sr. and the late Connie Smith. Early business ventures included a door-to-door lawn care business at the age of eight years old and selling freeze cups to neighborhood kids through his parents’ bedroom window. He attended Bridgeport High School in Bridgeport, MI. In high school, he participated in three years of varsity football and four years of varsity basketball. In his freshman year 1990-1991, the varsity boys basketball team reached the Michigan High School State Semi Finals game in boys basketball. The game was against Detroit Country Day. After graduating high school, Smith played college basketball at Mott Community College for two years (1994-1996) and then transferred to Northwood University to play college basketball (1996-1999).

David Smith received his bachelor’s degree from Northwood University, his master’s degree from Central Michigan University, and his doctoral degree from the United States Sports Academy.


Founding of B180 Basketball, Inc

David Smith started B180 Basketball, Inc in his house in Saginaw, MI in 2014. When Smith first had the idea for a packaged basketball training program for young men and women, he began to create each workout based on what he learned while growing up playing basketball on Saginaw's rough east side and as a former college head basketball coach and student athlete. Smith is known very well for having speed/quickness, defense, a high basketball IQ, and handles (advanced ball handling skills). He’s also known as the writer with handles.

The demand for basketball skill training was popular, and Smith noticed that coaches, personal trainers, and basketball camps needed a blueprint to teach basic and advanced basketball skills. At home he went to work creating flashcards that showed a picture version of the workout and another flashcard that showed the written instructions. This was done purposely to help improve a person’s reading ability as well as their basketball skills and overall health. The B180 Basketball Fundamental Skills Program was born. It included 11 workout sessions, a 60-day calendar guide, a glossary, training cones, and a basketball. Other items that were sold included mouth guards, ankle braces, knee braces, and shoe sole inserts. The company now sells the B180 Basketball Fundamental Skills Program in a hardcover book, paperback book, and eBook format.

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Books Written by David Carl Smith Jr.

2012- Answers to the Struggles of Life is a life skills book for youths and student athletes.

2014- B180 Basketball Fundamental Skills Program is a basketball training program that can be used by coaches and personal trainers for youths, student athletes, amateur, and professional basketball players.

2017- Champion's Vision is a book that provides basketball players of every level with mental insight and strategies to use before, during, and after basketball games.

2017- Sports Entrepreneur is a sports management and business book that provides guidance and insight on how to create a sports product or service business from an idea.

2018- B180 Basketball Personal Trainer Business Starter Kit is a book that provides individuals with insight on how to start a basketball personal training business.

2018- Basketball Diet is a book that provides individuals with insight and strategies to use when choosing food for health and dieting.

2020- Black Athlete White Athlete is a book that provides individuals with insight to defeat mental health problems in the various areas of life on and off the field or court.


Basketball Sport Analytics Formulas Developed by David Carl Smith Jr.

Scoring Output Percentage (Pure Scorer):

Determines how frequently does a player make a 2FG, 3FG, or FT in a game.

Calculation: = ( FTM + (2 x 2FGM) + (3 x 3FGM))/(Total FGA + Minutes Played)


Scoring and Assist Percentage (Playmaker):

Determines how frequently does a player score or assist on a score in a game

Calculation: = (2FGM + 3FGM + FTM+ Assists)/(2FGA + 3FGA+ FTA+ Assists+ Minutes Played)


Defensive Stop Percentage (Defensive Stopper):

Determines the ability to stop another player from scoring without fouling.

Calculation: = ((3 x steals)+ (3 x Blocks)+ Def. Rebounds – Personal Fouls)/(Steals+Blocks+ Defensive Rebounds- Personal Fouls+Minutes Played)


Thought and Philosophy

Smith's school of thought explores various areas such as the mind, self, and inner peace.


Excerpt from writings of David Carl Smith Jr:


Your Passion

What’s burning inside of you was put there for a reason. Take God’s hand and embrace your full desire, thoughts, and feelings for a specific purpose, cause, or event. The passion that you have for something is the underlying fire for what you can give to the world. You must believe in yourself, God, and the feelings that you have for what it is that you truly want to do. It hurts deeply to love something that doesn’t love you back. This may be something that you will experience initially. That doesn’t mean that what you feel, believe, and want to do is wrong. It means that you are uncovering the truth about your purpose to the world, and you are in the initial stages of finding out about who you really are, what you can do, and where you can go.

Passion unmasks the future quickly. The underlying journey to pursue and fulfill your passion is ultimately up to you to obtain. Mold yourself into a better person by making a change to do something different that you know deep down inside is good for the world.

Building self-esteem and discipline is a must. Passion for anything requires total commitment. You have this naturally. Understand that a passion and a gift crosses road only when action is taken daily.


David Carl Smith Jr.

The above writing was an excerpt from: Black Athlete White Athlete: Mental Strength Winning The Battle That Others Don't See Now And in The Future


Quote From David Carl Smith Jr:

"Man and spirit meet at the mouth of the river"

David Carl Smith Jr.